How to spend your time at home during pandemic 疫情期間宅在家中可以做什麽?


How to spend your time at home during pandemic 疫情期間宅在家中可以做什麽?

Nothing to do while staying at home during the pandemic? What can you do at home to spend the boring period? Here are the 5 things to do at home to pass the time:



1) Exercise 運動

Not exercising for a long time is very unhealthy! Even at home, there are many types of sports to exercise your body, such as yoga and fitness. There are many yoga or fitness videos on YouTube that do not require professional guidance. You can search and follow the videos to exercise at home.


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2) Playing game 玩游戲

 Playing games is definitely a good way to pass the time! As for what game to play, it depends on your personal preference.


Sony PlayStation®5 PS5 (Japanese Edition) 索尼遊戲主機(日版)

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Oculus Quest 2 All-In-One VR Headset (128GB / 256GB) VR虛擬實景器

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3) Sing karaoke 在家唱卡拉OK

For people who like to sing, this is a good choice for you! Do you prefer to sing karaoke alone, or with friends and family? It is often expensive to set up a set of karaoke equipment at home. You can consider buying the TV box BossTV, download the singing app, and enjoy karaoke at the best price!
喜歡唱歌的朋友,這個是個很好的選擇!你喜歡自己一個唱歌,還是與朋友家人一起唱卡拉OK呢?在家設置一套娛樂KTV設備往往所費不菲。你可以考慮購買電視盒子博視盒子 BossTV,下載唱歌app,以划算的價錢享受卡拉OK!

BOSStv V4 TV Box 博視盒子V4 語音搜尋版 (4+128GB)



4) Watching TV shows and films (看影視劇集及電影)

BOSStv not only allow you to sing karaoke, but also to watch TV series and movies from all over the world, you must not miss it!
上面提及的博視盒子 BOSStv除了可以唱卡拉OK外,還可以觀看來自世界各地的影視劇集及電影,絕對不能錯過!*可自行按需要選擇安裝 apps 收看

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5)Start a new hobby

Last but not least, you can use the time to start a new hobby. It’s always good to develop a new interest into skills!

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