【TV Box Comparison】BOSStv V4 vs Unblock UBox Gen 9 Pro Max vs EVPAD 6P

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BOSStv V4 vs Unblock UBox Gen 9 Pro Max vs EVPAD 6P

There are many different TV boxes, like Bosstv V4, UBOX Gen 9, and EVPAD 6P in the current market, which TV box should you buy?

現今市場有很多不同品牌的電視盒子。究竟你應該買博視盒子第四代,安博盒子第九代,還是易播EVPAD 6P呢?


When choosing a TV box, the most important thing is to know what you want and need most. Choose the TV box that suits you best.



All of the TV boxes have also been updated every once in a while. The operation system of BOSStv V4, UBOX Gen 9 Pro Max and EVPAD 6P are all the latest Android 10.0 version one. They all have countless wonderful movies and TV shows, and support 24/7 playback function! So, how do you choose the most suitable TV box for yourself?
3個電視盒子牌子也一直有在更新。博視盒子第四代、安博盒子第九代及易播EVPAD 6P皆是最新的安卓系統10.0系統。而且,他們都有無數精彩影視節目,並支持24/7回放功能!那麽,究竟要如何選擇最適合自己的電視盒子呢?


Today, we will continue finding out the best TV box for you.



Let’s have a look at this comparison table!



BOSStv V4 vs Unblock UBox Gen 9 Pro Max vs EVPAD 6P

BOSStv-BOSStvV4-V4-TVbox-unblock-ubox-gen9-gen8-gen7-gen6-tv-box-android-tv-box-UBOX-MAX-Apple-TV-Xiaomi-Mi-BOX-S-EVBOX-PLUS-watch-TV-show-Live-Broadcast-Korean-Drama-Movies-worldwide-Apple-TV+ design-Remote-Control-tv-box-comparison-bosstv-v4-vs-unblock-ubox-gen-9-pro-max-vs-EVPAD-6P


The king of Storage Capacity - BOSStv V4 容量之冠 - 博視盒子第四代

Every TV box user also want to enjoy unlimited film and television enjoyment. For buying electronic product, capacity is always a crucial factor to be considered. With limited capacity, user would not be able to download enough video applications. Latest BOSStv V4 can meet everyone's needs. Generally, TV boxes on the current market have 32GB flash memory or 64GB flash memory. BOSStv V4 has 128GB large flash memory. Those who want to download whatever they want, can consider the super-capacity BOSStv V4!


For Price - UBOX Gen 9 Pro Max 價錢首選 - 安博盒子第九代

Price is usually the first thing people to consider when buying product. People who want to spend less money can consider buying UBOX Gen 9 Pro Max. Enjoy global live broadcasts and film and television programs at a super cost-effective price! No additional fee or monthly fee*. Buy one TV box and enjoy it forever.


*可自行按需要選擇安裝 apps 收看

Interfaces and package - 完整的BOSStv V4 接駁口及包裝 - 博視盒子第四代

Would you look deep into the specification part, when buying electronic product? The interfaces of the latest BOSStv V4 include DC, IR, LAN RJ45 (100M), HDMI2.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, TF, Optical, AV. Optical fiber allows great audio sound quality. Also, BOSStv V4 package includes Travel Adapter Kit and USB Type-C Charge Cable, very convenience for users!

你在購買電子產品時,會仔細閲讀產品規格嗎?最新推出的博視盒子第四代,產品接駁口提供的端口包括DC, IR, LAN RJ45 (100M), HDMI2.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, TF, Optical, AV。Optical光纖接口能夠連接家庭影院系統,輸出出色優質的音質效果。另外,博視盒子第四代包裝規格包括電源適配器+多國電源轉換插頭、USB Type-C電源線,方便快捷!


The Latest TV box - BOSStv V4 最新的電視盒子 - 博視盒子第四代

If you want to buy the latest TV box here, you can choose BOSStv V4.



BOSStv Boss V4 博視盒子第四代



If you want to know the detailed setup guide, please click here.

How To Set Up BOSStv TV Box 如何安裝及設置博視盒子?

For more information on channels, please click here.

How to watch different channels on BOSStv? 如何在 BOSStv 上觀看不同的頻道?


**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**

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