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Do you want to know how the BOSStv V3 Pro looks and how to use it? Let’s unbox the BOSStv V3 Pro together with us! 

您想知道博視盒子V3 Pro 的外觀和使用方法嗎? 和我們一起開箱博視盒子V3 Pro吧!

There is not much difference in appearance between Boss V3X and V3 Pro, and the difference will be marked in orange.

博視盒子V3X與 V3 Pro外型上差異不大,其差異會以橙色標出。

Whether you are in Hong Kong or abroad, a universal TV set-top box can always bring us convenience. Let us no longer have to stare at the small screen all day long, but can watch various drama apps and local and worldwide cable TV channels on the big screen on the TV. Want to enjoy the 6K HDR experience at a low price? Want to watch variety shows, movies, sports, children, news, and even adult channels from all over the world? Can the content of Boss V3 Pro satisfy you? Let's take a look!

無論你是在香港還是國外,一台萬用的電視機頂盒總是可以為我們帶來方便。讓我們不用再整天盯著小螢幕,而可以在電視機上的大螢幕上看各種追劇App,和本地及世界各地的有線電視頻道。想以低價錢享6K HDR的體驗?想看世界各地的綜藝、影視、體育、兒童、新聞、甚至是成人頻道?博視盒子V3 Pro 裡面的內容能滿足你嗎?一起來看看吧!

Unbox together 一齊開箱


As soon as I received the BossTV V3 Pro, I felt that its packaging was similar to the previous Boss V3, except that the color of the cover frame changed to red.

一收到博視盒子 V3 Pro,就覺得它的包裝與前面的博視盒子 V3差不多,只是封面框框的顏色變成了紅色。



On the lower-left corner of the box, there is the main configuration of the Boshi Box V3 Pro. The information printed on it is different for each model. For example, this time Boshi Box V3 Pro is "8Core CPU+GPU", "6K HDR 10" , "4GB Memory", "H.265 HEVC", "Blu-ray 3D", "2.4 GHz/5.8GHz 1000Mbps".

包裝盒的左下角上,有博視盒子 V3 Pro的主要配置,上面印有的信息是每個型號都不同的,例如這次博視盒子 V3 Pro就是”8Core CPU+GPU”丶”6K HDR 10”丶”4GB Memory”丶”H.265 HEVC”丶”Blu-ray 3D”丶”2.4 GHz/5.8GHz 1000Mbps”。



The bottom of the box is also printed with detailed configuration, including different icons and text.


Model: BOSS V3 PRO

CPU: Quad-core A53 64 Bit

GPU: Mali-T720

OS: Android 7.0


ROM: 32GB eMMc 5.0

WIFI: 2.⅘.8 Ghz(support 1000Mbps)

BT: Bluetooth 4.1+

Power Adapter: DC5V/2A


The BOSSTV V3X with voice search function is an orange-brown frame, and its main configuration is listed on the lower left and lower right corners of the cover of the box. You can see that it has more "WI-I 1000 Mbps" and "Voice Search" logos than V3 Pro in the lower left corner.

而具語言搜索功能的博視盒子 V3X 則是橙啡色框框,包裝盒封面的左下和右下角都有列明它的主要配置。可以看到它左下角比V3 Pro多了"WI-I 1000 Mbps"和"Voice Search"的標誌。


On the back of the Boss V3X TV Box also clearly marked that it is a 64GB configuration, which is 32GB more than the V3 Pro.

在博視盒子 V3X的背部也清晰地標明它是64GB的配置,比V3 Pro多了32GB。



We can also go to their official website via the QR Code at the bottom of it.

我們也可以過過它底部的QR Code進入它們的官方網站。



As soon as you open the box, you can see the Boss V3 Pro.

一打開包裝盒,就可以見到博視盒子 V3 Pro的主機。



After taking out the Boss V3 Pro, the other accessories are below. Each accessory is packed in a bag or box and is well packed.

把博視盒子 V3 Pro取出來後,下面就是其他的配件。每個配件都有一個袋或用盒裝好,包裝得很好。



Let's take out all the accessories and Boss V3 Pro! You can see that it has a power cord, high-definition cable, three-color cable, remote control, host, and plug on the inside.

讓我們把所有配件和博視盒子 V3 Pro取出來吧!可以看到它入面有電源線丶高清線丶三色線丶遙控器丶主機丶插頭。



The power cord and power supply location of Boss V3X have been upgraded to Type-C line power supply, which makes the power supply more reliable.


博視盒子 V3X的電源線和供電位升級為Type-C線供電,令供電更穩妥。


The remote control of Boss V3X is a wireless voice remote control (supports Cantonese).

博視盒子 V3X的遙控器是無線語音遙控器(支持粵語)。


Plugs 插頭



There are three different plugs.




Just align the position and twist gently to complete the plug.



 unbox-bosstv-tv-box-v3-pro-worldwide-applicable-6K-8Core-4GB-15-product-package-charger-connect-to-product unbox-bosstv-tv-box-v3-pro-worldwide-applicable-6K-8Core-4GB-16-product-package-charger-usb

Insert the USB head of the power cord into the plug just installed, and then connect the power cord to the host, as shown in the figure.




Then connect the high-definition cable to the TV to start the Boss TV box.


Appearance 外型



The host is matte black, with a simple design, no matter what your home furnishings are, Boss V3 Pro can be perfectly matched.

主機是啞黑色,配合簡單的設計,不管你家的傢俱裝潢是怎樣,博視盒子 V3 Pro都可以完美搭配到。



The host facing us is the LED display, which can display network status (WiFI), time, USB status, and playback status.




There is a layer of transparent blue LED breathing light on the LED display of the Boss box. When it is powered on, you can see its breathing light glow white, giving people a sense of science fiction.

博視盒子的LED顯示屏上面有一層透明藍光 LED 呼吸燈。當為它通電,你即可看到它的呼吸燈亮起白光,給人呈現一種科幻感。


imartcity bosstv v3 pro tv box 博視電視盒子 海外電視直播 Youtube 看劇 體育直播 節目回看 TV Replay Playback VOD karaoke tv box

On the far right side of the fuselage is a Micro SD card slot, which is convenient for you to change from a small screen to a large screen for playback. It is compatible with sports cameras, such as GO PRO, and plays images in video format.

機身的側面最右是Micro SD卡槽,方便你小屏變大屏播放。它兼容運動相機,如GO PRO等,以錄影格式播放影像。

There are two USB ports on the left and the middle on the side, namely USB2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. If you want to read files more smoothly and play local files at higher speed, you can use the blue USB 3.0 port in the middle.

側面的最左和中間是2個USB接口,分別是 USB2.0、USB 3.0 接口,如果你想以更流暢讀取檔案、更高速去播放本地檔案,可以使用中間藍色的USB 3.0接口。

There are 6 sockets on the back of the fuselage, including power interface, infrared expansion interface, LAN interface for network cable, HDMI interface, optical fiber interface, AV cable interface, easy to install, plug and play, and super function.


The bottom of the machine is the honeycomb vent of the TV box. Its 4 corners have slightly high "feet" for better heat dissipation. After our test, even if we continuously play high-definition videos, the temperature of the Boss V3 Pro is only lukewarm, which shows that the heat dissipation is excellent.

機底則是電視盒的蜂窩式散熱孔。它的4個角落有微微造高的”腳",讓散熱更出色。經過我們測試,即使我們連續播放高清影片,博視盒子 V3 Pro的溫度亦只是微溫,,可見散熱出色。


User interface 使用界面



The interface of Boss V3 Pro is very simple, the color scheme is the same as that of the TV box, and all the functions are clear at a glance.

博視盒子 V3 Pro 的界面非常簡潔,配色與電視盒一樣,所有功能一目了然。

Settings 設置



You can go to the corresponding channel.




After entering the main screen, first click Settings.




Then enter the WiFi settings and connect to the network. Of course, you can also connect with a LAN cable.




BOSStv V3 Pro 4G, 32G, Bluetooth, dual-band wifi, 6K excellent image quality, easy to use, no need to set up.

博視盒子 V3 Pro 4G,32G,藍牙,雙頻wifi,6K優良畫質,無需設定,使用方便。


If you want to know the detailed setup guide, please click here.

How To Set Up BOSStv TV Box 如何安裝及設置博視盒子?

For more information on channels, please click here.

How to watch different channels on BOSStv? 如何在 BOSStv 上觀看不同的頻道?

Want to know more? Check out the product details!



BOSSTV V3 PRO ANDROID TV BOX 博視盒子第三代 V3 PRO - 點播電視盒子


**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**

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