Do you want to know more about the 2019 version of Nvidia Shield TV and Nvidia Shield TV Pro? Let's unbox the Nvidia Shield!

你想對2019年版的Nvidia shield TV 和 Nvidia shield TV Pro有更多的了解嗎?一起為輝達神盾盒子開箱!


Difference 區別

The NVIDIA SHIELD Pro has 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space.

NVIDIA SHIELD Pro 有 3GB 的 RAM 和 16GB 的存儲空間。





NVIDIA SHIELD TV BOX is the lower end of this model and the pro model, and it has the new Tegra x1 plus processor built-in. But compared with the NVIDIA SHIELD PRO TV BOX version, it has less RAM and storage space. It has 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage space. 

NVIDIA SHIELD TV BOX 內置了全新的 Tegra x1 plus 處理器。 但與NVIDIA SHIELD PRO TV BOX版本相比,它的RAM和存儲空間更少。 它有 2GB 的 RAM 和 8GB 的存儲空間。 

But there are some other things that interest me, even though it is the lower-spec model of the two, so let's take a look inside.

儘管NVIDIA SHIELD TV BOX是兩者中規格較低的型號,但它有一些其他的東西讓我很感興趣,所以讓我們來看看NVIDIA SHIELD TV 的更多資訊吧。

Unboxing 開箱

The unboxing experience here is actually very enjoyable. 




NVIDIA SHIELD TV BOX is focused on the low-end Android TV Box market. Its shape is a cylinder, the Nvidia SHIELD Pro looks like the previous version of Shield. We all know that Shield TV 2019 has upgraded the performance of the CPU, which is 25% higher than before.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV BOX 專注於低端安卓電視盒市場。它的形狀是一個圓柱體,而Nvidia SHIELD Pro 看起來像以前版本的 Shield。我們都知道Shield TV 2019升級了CPU的性能,比以前提升了25%。

They redesigned the remote control. It looks like one of those Toblerone chocolate bars. 

他們重新設計了遙控器。它看起來像那些 Toblerone 巧克力棒之一。



There is an arrow pointing down so we have to put some batteries in it but we will soon check that it is obviously also backlit. So you can see your buttons when you are in the dark. This is a good improvement. 




It is made of plastic, it looks like this part here might be lit up, we can test it later! 




There is an arrow pointing down so we have to put some batteries in it. 


There are vents on both sides of the cylinder, which requires you to place the device flat next to the TV like this, although I guess the cable will put most of it in the other single place.



Port 端口


Now I am pleased with the fact that it does have a built-in Gigabit Ethernet port, right here and on the Nvidia Shield, which is very important because this is an audiophile device.

現在我很高興看到它有一個內置的千兆以太網端口,就在這里和 Nvidia Shield 上,這非常重要,因為NVIDIA SHIELD TV是一款發燒友設備。

Many of us play ultra-high bitrate videos on our network. I often use existing Shield equipment, so it’s nice to see that this will be able to do this. 

我們中的許多人在我們的網絡上播放超高比特率視頻。我經常使用現有的 Shield 設備,所以很高興看到它能夠做到這一點。




Another feature of Nvidia shield is that it is very suitable for Game streaming through a video game service that allows you to connect your Steam account to their server and stream it over the Internet, and it is also suitable for home streaming. It is great for the family because of the Ethernet plug. The bottom of the NVIDIA SHIELD is your power port, and the adapter is located in the box here.

Nvidia shield 的另一個特點是它非常適合通過視頻遊戲服務進行遊戲流式傳輸,該服務允許您將 Steam 帳戶連接到他們的服務器並通過網絡流式傳輸。它也適用於家庭流式傳輸,因為NVIDIA SHIELD有以太網插頭的插孔,NVIDIA SHIELD的底部就是你的電源口,適配器位於這裡的盒子裡。


It seems that the power supply itself has been integrated into the cylinder. You only need to plug the cable into the bottom, and then you can connect the power and the network. It also supports Wi-Fi, so if you only use Wi-Fi, you will be able to go that way.

看起來電源本身已經集成到電視盒中了。 您只需將電線插入底部,然後您就可以連接電源和網絡,它也支持 Wi-Fi連接,因此如果您只使用 Wi-Fi,您能試試這方法。



On the other hand, it has an HDMI output, so you can use it to plug in the new TV in this version of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV box. And the new Pro supports Dolby Vision, so you can continue to use it. They also claimed to have better performance when expanding 1080p content to 4K.

另一方面,它有一個 HDMI 輸出,所以你可以用它來插入這個版本的 NVIDIA SHIELD 電視盒中的新電視。 新的 Pro會 支持杜比視界,因此您可以繼續使用它。 NVIDIA 還聲稱在將 1080p 內容擴展到 4K 時可以更好地提升觀賞性能。

Below is a micro SD card slot. Because this one has no USB port at all. So if you want to connect to external storage. Pro is the only way out.

下面是一個微型 SD 卡插槽。因為這個根本沒有USB端口。所以如果你想連接到外部存儲。Pro 是唯一的方法。


For the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro version, the port on the back of the machine, introduced from the left, has two USB3.0 interfaces that support external hard disk viewing, and then an HDMI2.0B interface that supports 4k@60hz Dolby Vision and HDR10, a network cable interface, and the last one is a power interface.
NVIDIA SHIELD Pro版的機器背面插口,從右邊開始介紹,有一個是電源插口,一個網線插口,一個支持4K@60hz 杜比視界和HDR10 的 HDMI2.0B 插口,最後是兩個用來支持外置硬盤觀看的USB 3.0插口。

Function 功能


When you use the remote control for the first time, you need to pair it first. We click on this setting, and then we find the remote control and accessories, the first option here is Shield accessories, we click, click to connect accessories, it will prompt you to press the ok button. It was quickly connected here. Now we can control it! There is no problem up and down, left and right, very smooth. Then we click and set the remote control again, click the remote control and accessories at the bottom to enter the accessories of sShield TV, here we can see the new version of the remote control we just connected, and it is now connected and paired. , And then click to enter the firmware version in it

你第1次使用遙控器的時候,首先需要配對。我們點擊這個設置,然後我們找到遙控器和配件,這邊第1個選項是Shield配件,我們點一下,點擊連接配件,他這邊會提示你按下ok鍵。這邊很快的就已經連接上了。下面我們就可以進行控制了!上下左右都是沒有問題的,非常的流暢。然後我們再點擊再設置一下遙控器,點擊最下方的遙控器和配件,進入到sShield TV 的配件,在這邊我們就可以看到我們剛才連接的新版的遙控器,現在是已經連接配對的狀態,然後點擊進去就是它裡面的固件版本。



A very important function has been added this time, which is the definition function of the menu key. Let's take a look at the backlight settings first. After clicking the backlight settings, there is a default brightness level of 3 here, and you can also adjust the brightness yourself. 5 is the highest brightness. In fact, I think for the average user, 3 is enough. Then the duration is up to 5 seconds. Here I usually set it for about three seconds. Then here is the time to turn on the backlight. Generally, it is turned on when the button is pressed, or when the remote control is selected. This remote control is in a dormant state at ordinary times, and it will only light up when you touch it. You can see that we did not touch its buttons, and it can also light up, and then you don’t move it. It will go out automatically in a few seconds.




This time also added a function to retrieve the remote control, which is not available in the 2017 version. This is when you can’t find the remote control, you need to set it like this. But if you can't find the remote control, you need at least a keyboard, otherwise you can't control this operation.


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