SVICLOUD | operating system (OS)? 作業系統?


SVICLOUD |  operating system (OS)? 作業系統?

We always heard about OS. Some electronic products would tell us what operation system they are supporting. But do you know what is an operating system (OS)? Why is it so important ? 

我們總是聽說過作業系統。 一些電子產品會告訴我們它們支持什麼操作系統。 但是你知道什麼是作業系統(OS)嗎? 為什麼作業如此重要?


Operating system, referred to as OS, is the core of a computer system. The operation of the computer system and the operation and execution of software and hardware are managed by the OS operating system.



Android (Android) system is one of Google's operating systems.



It is very important to match the new version of the operating system. If the version is too old, it may not be compatible with many applications, and the user experience will be greatly affected. You would even find different applications unable to use. Therefore, we must not underestimate the importance of the version of the Android (Android) system. 

搭配新版本的作業系統十分重要,因爲版本太舊,可能會未能適配許多應用程式,用戶使用體驗也會大大收到負面影響,甚至無法使用不同應用程式。 所以,我們絕對不能輕視Android(安卓)系統的版本的重要。


Buying SVICLOUD, no worries at all! SVICloud 8S, 8P,3 PRO TV Box uses the Android 10.0 system, which can perfectly adapt to a variety of mainstream applications.

購買小雲電視盒子,0擔心!小雲盒子8S、8P及3 PRO目前採用的是Android 10.0系統,能完美適配多種主流應用程式。



SVICLOUD 8P 小雲電視機頂盒 8P


SVICLOUD 8S 小雲電視機頂盒 8S