Why are People Buying SVICLOUD 爲什麽大家都買電視盒子?


Why are People Buying SVICLOUD 爲什麽大家都買電視盒子?


Do you know what is a TV box? Are there any friends you know who are using TV boxes? If you've never used a TV box, or never heard of a TV box, continue the reading!



 1. TV box provides more choices 電視盒子提供更多選擇

Many people like to download different applications, such as video and TV applications, through the TV box. The TV apps have some restrictions, even if you're using a smart TV. The smart TV's operating system won't be updated frequently, so you might not be able to download some entertainment apps. For instance, you might only be able to download apps from the LG Content Store when using the LG smart TV. Your smart TV could not be very up-to-date, which will make utilizing it less appealing. You can download the most recent apps from the app market as opposed to the smart TV. The TV Box has greater compatibility than the Smart TV. 

不少人喜歡透過電視盒子下載不同應用程式,例如影視應用程式。即使您使用的是智能電視,電視應用程序也有一些限制。 由於智能電視的操作系統不會經常更新,您可能無法下載一些娛樂應用。 例如,當您使用LG智能電視時,您可能只能從 LG Content Store 下載應用程序。 您的智能電視可能不是很更新,這會降低您使用它的積極性。 與智能電視相比,您可以從app商店下載最新的應用程序。 電視盒的兼容性比智能電視要高。


TV box SVICLOUD 8P has 4GB memory + 64GB flash memory super large storage space, and there are no limitations to downloading massive applications. It runs smoothly and fast, and the user experience is greatly improved.

小雲電視盒子SVICLOUD 8P 擁有4GB内存 + 64GB閃存超大儲存空間,下載海量應用程式也沒有限制。運行流暢,速度快,使用體驗大大提升。


**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**

SVICLOUD 8P 小雲電視機頂盒 8P


2. TV box is more cost-effective 電視盒子為人們省下金錢


Price is definitely one of the major reasons why people like TV boxes. Tv box is more cost-effective. At first glance, some people might think the price of subscribing to an online video stream seems to be much cheaper. But in fact, when the monthly fee adds up altogether, it is expensive. This is the reason why most people prefer TV boxes more.



The SVICLOUD 8S provides a wonderful TV experience for users with a lower price. Therefore, if you want to save money, you might want to consider purchasing it. You can still use the features that a TV box should offer despite the low cost. Additionally, the SVICLOUD 8S's operating system is the Android 10 version, so no concerns!

SVICLOUD 8S 以超最便宜的價錢為用戶提供超凡體驗。所以想要省錢的朋友,不妨考慮購買。 儘管成本低廉,您仍然可以使用電視盒應提供的功能。 此外,SVICLOUD 8S 的操作系統是Android 10 版本,所以不用擔心!

SVICLOUD 8S 小雲電視機頂盒 8S