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FAQs 常見問題

What payment do you accept? 你們接受甚麽付款方式?

Where do you deliver to? 你們提供那個地區的寄送服務?

How do I track my orders? 我能怎樣追蹤訂單?

Can I cancel my orders? 我能取消訂單嗎?

Do I need to set up an account to shop? 我需要於購物前於網站申請帳戶嗎?

Is the delivery service provided on Sunday and public holidays? 你們在星期天和公衆假期會提供送貨服務嗎?

Will the delivery date be affected by extreme weather? 請問到貨日期會受到極端天氣影響嗎?

How do I exchange my product if it is faulty? 如果我訂購的產品有問題,我該如何更換?

What are the requirements of the Internet when using the TV Box? 當使用電視盒子時對於上網的設備有什麼要求?

If the Apps show '404' / 'No Internet', how can I solve it? 如果應用程序顯示“404”/“無上網服務”,我該如何解決?

How to adjust the resolution? 如何調整解像度?

Why there is 'Error502' showing on the screen? 為什麼屏幕上顯示“Error502”?

I cannot watch the playback of the program, what should I do? 我看不到節目重播,怎麼辦?

【UBOX】What is the latest version of Unblock UBOX TV box? 安博盒子電視盒的最新版本是甚麼?

【UBOX】Why some of the Apps cannot show in full screen? 為什麼有些應用無法全屏顯示?

【UBOX】What is the difference between OS, HK and TW versions? OS、HK 和 TW 版本之間有什麼區別?

【UBOX】Do I need to jailbreak UBOX PRO2/PROS/GEN8 to remove regional restrictions? 我是否需要越獄 UBOX PRO2/PROS/GEN8 才能解除區域限制?

【UBOX】Do I need to create an account to after installing UBOX TV box? 我需要在安裝電視盒子後申請帳號嗎?

【UBOX】There was nothing in UBOX TV Box when I first turned it on. How can I find my favourite TV programs? 當我首次打開電視盒子時,它什麼也沒有。我該如何搜尋我喜歡的電視節目?

【UBOX】I forgot my UB mobile password. What should I do? 我忘記了我的 UB 手機密碼。我應該怎麼辦?

【UBOX】My UBOX frequently stops working. How can I solve this? 我的電視盒子經常停止運作,我該怎樣解決這問題?

【UBOX】What are the differences between UBOX8 PRO MAX and UBOX7 PROS? UBOX8 PRO MAX 和 UBOX7 PROS 有什麼區別?

【UBOX】What is the difference between UBOX PRO2 and UBOX PROS? Which one is better? UBOX PRO2 和 UBOX PROS 有什麼區別?哪一個更好?

【UBOX】How can I know whether my TV is applicable with the Ubox? 我如何知道我的電視是否適用於安博盒子?

【UBOX】Will the Ubox upgrade the system automatically? 電視盒子會自動更新系統嗎?

【UBOX】What is the operating system of the UBox? UBox的操作系統是甚麼?

【UBOX】How to connect UBox with my TV? 如何將 UBox 與我的電視連接?

【UBOX】Can I type Chinese words in UBox? UBox可以輸入中文嗎?

【UBOX】Does UBox support both 2.4G and 5G WIFI? UBox 是否同時支持 2.4G 和 5G WIFI?

【BOSStv】What are the BOSS V4 upgrades? 第四代的博視盒子有哪些主要升級?

【BOSStv】How to download applications? 如何下載應用程序?

【BOSStv】How to sing karaoke? 如何唱卡拉OK?

【BOSStv】How to use the voice search function? 如何使用語音搜查功能?

【BOSStv】How do I check or change the language settings? 如何設定語言?

【BOSStv】How to use the VOD function? 如何使用VOD點播功能?

【BOSStv】How to reset my BOSStv TV box to factory defaults? 如何恢復原廠設定

【BOSStv】How to set up the parental adult lock? 如何設立童鎖密碼?

【BOSStv】如何轉換麗音?How to convert NICAM (Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex)?

【BOSStv】How to mobile typing? 如何悟空跨屏(手機代替遙控)輸入?

【BOSStv】How to uninstall apps? 如何卸載軟件?

【SVICLOUD】What is the latest version of SVICLOUD TV Box? 小雲電視盒子的最新版本是什麽?

【SVICLOUD】How to reset my SVICLOUD TV box to factory defaults? 如何恢復原廠設定

【SVICLOUD】How do I check or change the language settings? 如何設定語言?

【SVICLOUD】Does SVICLOUD support Karaoke servers? 小雲電視盒子支援卡拉OK嗎?

【SVICLOUD 】How to uninstall apps? 如何卸載軟件?

【SVICLOUD 】What is the operating system of SVICLOUD ?小雲盒子的運作系統是什麽?

【SVICLOUD 】Does SVICLOUD support Dolby Vision? 小雲盒子支援杜比音軌功能嗎?

【SVICLOUD 】Does SVICLOUD support the voice command function? 小雲盒子支援語音操控嗎?