5 Reasons You Need to Get an TV Box


Even you are a smart TV users, you still need a TV streaming box for more fun!

There are so many streaming services available in the market which you need to pay monthly for cable. Then, a TV streaming box can help you to save the monthly subscription fees and provide lots of different programs for you to download. You may find more amazing features in the TV box! Here are the 5 reasons that you should consider to have a TV Box.


1. Enjoy More with TV Box

The most amazing feature of the TV box is that you can get all the extra content that you want. When you get the Smart TV from Samsung, you may only be able to download the apps from Samsung Store. However, not all the apps are available in the Samsung store. Your enjoyment may be limited by your TV! However, a TV streaming box will provide most of the content for you to choose and allows you to download the APK files for installing the apps. It makes you have a better experience with the TV box.

unblock ubox gen8 max five reasons you need to get an tv box for your tv smart tv live tv movies watching free movies

You can download apps from the Google Play Store with UBOX GEN8


2. Enjoy the Most Updated Experience

When you are using Smart TV, it always requires you to update the software when you launch the apps. It takes a long time to update all the apps. However, the TV box does not have this issue. The updates of TV Box will receive the updates in the background and it can finish quickly. You do not need to wait for the update.

unblock ubox gen8 max five reasons you need to get an tv box for your tv smart tv android 10.0 operating system

The UBOX GEN8 supports the latest Android 10.0 operating system


3.Large Storage Space

Mostly, smart TV provides limited storage space for you to download apps from the apps store. Usually, you will have 8GB for internal storage. It is not enough for fulfilling all your needs. For TV Box, it provides a large storage capacity such as 64GB, for you to download apps, games, movies, etc.

unblock ubox gen8 max five reasons you need to get an tv box for your tv smart tv large internal space

UBOX GEN8 support 64GB of internal storage which can fulfil all you want!


4. Extend the life of your smart TV

Most of the smart TV will not receive the latest updates frequently. Your smart TV will not be functioning properly to its utmost potential. It costs you a lot of money for replacing your smart TV. Then, a TV box is able to help you to enjoy the most updated system and applications with much cheaper cost.  You can simply update the apps that you've installed.  It is no reason for you to purchase a new smart TV.

5. Save Your Monthly Subscription Fee

You can watch movies and TV shows from other countries with your Smart TV. However, you need to pay for the monthly subscription fee for the enjoyment. Then, a TV box can help you to enjoy movies, drama, or even live TV streaming from all over the world. You only need to pay for the TV Box, then you can enjoy all the functions with the TV box permanently. TV Box can help you to save all the subscription fees.


Don’t you think that the TV box is very powerful and worthy for you to enjoy your leisure time. It can upgrade your entertainment with an affordable price. You may try it NOW!


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**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**


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