SVICLOUD | 3 pro? 8S? 8P? Which SVICLOUD TV box should I buy? 3 pro? 8S? 8P? 我應該買哪個小雲電視機頂盒?


SVICLOUD | 3 pro? 8S? 8P? Which SVICLOUD TV box should I buy? 3 pro? 8S? 8P? 我應該買哪個小雲電視機頂盒?

I want to buy SVICLOUD TV box but I don’t know which one should I buy…SVICLOUD 3PRO? SVICLOUD 8S? Or SVICLOUD 8P?
我想買小雲電視機頂盒,但不知道該買哪一個……小雲電視盒子 3PRO? 小雲電視盒子 8S? 還是 小雲電視盒子 8P?

Don’t know which SVICLOUD TV box to buy? If so, this blog is perfect for you to read!
你在煩惱著不知道該買哪個小雲電視機頂盒嗎? 如果是的話,這篇網誌就十分適合你閱讀了!


Which SVICLOUD TV box suits me most? Which TV box could fulfill my needs? 哪款小雲電視盒最適合我? 哪款小雲電視盒能滿足我的需求?

1.  (Price) spending less: SVICLOUD 8S (價錢) 花費更少的金錢:小雲電視機頂盒 8S

If you want to spend less money, you can consider buying the SVICLOUD 8S, which cost you least among the three SVICLOUD TV boxes. Although the price is cheap, you can still enjoy the functions that a TV box should have. Also, the operation system of SVICLOUD 8S is the latest Android 10 version, no worries!
如果你想花費更少的金錢,可以考慮購買小雲電視機頂盒 8S,它是三個小雲電視機頂盒裏最便宜的一個。雖然價錢便宜,你最對可以享受到電視機頂盒應有的功能。而且,小雲電視機頂盒 8S的運作系統是最新的安卓10.0版本,無需擔心!


SVICLOUD 8S 小雲電視機頂盒 8S


 2. (Storage)Download apps: SVICLOUD 8P (容量) 下載應用程式:小雲電視機頂盒 8P

Storage is an important point to be considered when buying a TV box. SVICLOUD 8P has extremely large storage for you to download as many apps as you like! You don’t have to worry much about full storage.

存儲容量是購買電視盒子時必須考慮的一點。 SVICLOUD 8P 擁有超大存儲空間供您任意下載應用程序! 您不必擔心存儲容量不足夠。


【Latest!!!】SVICLOUD 8P 小雲電視機頂盒 8P


3. Or consider the middle ranking choice, SVICLOUD 3PRO? 或中間的選擇, 小雲電視機頂盒 3PRO?

Still not sure which TV box should you choose? Maybe you could also consider choosing the middle-ranking choice? Using SVICLOUD 3 PRO, you could still enjoy the features of the SVICLOUD TV box. The price of SVICLOUD 3 PRO is not as cheap as SVICLOUD 8S, but it is cheaper than SVICLOUD 8P. Same as SVICLOUD 8P, SVICLOUD 3 PRO shares the features of an Advanced AI control Voice command System and exclusive Dolby Vision.

仍然不確定應該選擇哪個電視盒? 也許您也可以考慮選擇中間的選擇? 使用小雲電視機頂盒 3 PRO,您仍然可以享受小雲電視盒的功能。 小雲電視機頂盒 3 PRO 的價格沒有小雲電視機頂盒 8S 便宜,但比小雲電視機頂盒 8P 便宜。 與小雲電視機頂盒 8P 相同,小雲電視機頂盒 3 PRO 一樣能夠享受高級 AI 控制語音命令系統和獨家杜比音軌功能。




There are other factors to be considered....



4. KTV server? 卡拉OK服務? 

If you want to use TV box to sing karaoke, you then should choose the latest SVICLOUD 8P. SVICLOUD 8S doesn't support KTV server. 

如果你想要唱卡拉OK,就要選擇小雲電視機頂盒 8P了,因爲小雲電視機頂盒 8S並不支持卡拉OK服務。

SVICLOUD-3pro-8s-8p- 小雲盒子-機頂盒-storage-free-unblock-ubox-gen9-gen8-tv-box-android-tvbox-UBOX-MAX-Apple-TV-Xiaomi-watch-TV-show-Live-Broadcast-Korean-Drama-Movies-film-netflix-music-karaoke-worldwide-Apple-TV+ design-bosstv-v4


5. Input / output port?  輸入/輸出端口?

The input or output port is also an important factor to be considered. It depends on what you need or your preference. For example, it depends on whether your sound bar system have HDMI system. SVICLOUD 8S has two USB port while SVICLOUD 8P only have one. However, SVICLOUD 8P have optical SPDIF while SVICLOUD 8S has 3.5mm AUX. SVICLOUD  3 PEO has Coaxial SPDIF, and 1 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0. 

輸入或輸出端口也是需要考慮的重要因素。 這取決於您需要什麼或您的偏好。 例如,取決於您的音箱系統是否具有 HDMI 系統。 小雲電視機頂盒 8S 有兩個 USB 端口,而 小雲電視機頂盒 8P 只有一個。 但是,小雲電視機頂盒 8P 具有Optical SPDIF,而 S小雲電視機頂盒 8S 具有 3.5mm AUX。小雲電視機頂盒 3 PEO 具有Coaxial  SPDIF、1 個 USB 3.0 和 2 個 USB 2.0。

SVICLOUD-3pro-8s-8p- 小雲盒子-機頂盒-storage-free-unblock-ubox-gen9-gen8-tv-box-android-tvbox-UBOX-MAX-Apple-TV-Xiaomi-watch-TV-show-Live-Broadcast-Korean-Drama-Movies-film-netflix-music-karaoke-worldwide-Apple-TV+ design-bosstv-v4


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How To Set Up SVICLOUD TV Box 如何設置及安裝小雲盒子?

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**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**

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