SVICLOUD | Voice Remote Control 語音遙控搜尋功能


小雲電視盒子語音搜尋 SVICloud TV Box Voice Control Feature


Using manual remote control to search for TV programs could be inconvenient sometimes. I believe you also agree with me. On the other hand, having voice remote control could make things become much easier.



And you should buy SVICloud 8P and 3 PRO TV Box ! 

你應該購買小雲電視盒子8P及3 PRO!


SVICloud 8P and 3 PRO TV Box has a built-in smart Bluetooth voice system, which supports movie search, playback control, and control system settings. You can search for programs at any time using the included Bluetooth remote.

小雲盒子8P及3 PRO内置智能藍牙語音系統,支援電影搜尋、回放控制、控制系統設定等。你可以使用隨機附送的藍牙遙控器隨時搜索節目。

**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**



SVICLOUD 小雲電視盒子 藍牙語音遙控(語音搜索)


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