【TV Box Comparison】BOSStv V3X vs NVIDIA Shield TV Pro vs Unblock UBox Gen 9 Pro Max


BOSStv V3X vs NVIDIA Shield TV Pro vUnblock UBox Gen 9 Pro Max

iMartcity always offers you the best TV boxes. While there are many different TV boxes in the current market, which TV box is the best?



Today, we will find out the best TV box for you.



Let’s have a look at this comparison table!



BOSStv V3X vs NVIDIA Shield TV Pro vs. Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max

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unblock-ubox-gen9-gen8-gen7-gen6-tv-box-android-tv-box-UBOX-MAX-Apple-TV-Xiaomi-Mi-BOX-S-EVBOX-PLUS-watch-TV-show-Live-Broadcast-Korean-Drama-Movies-worldwide-Apple-TV+ design-Remote-Control-tv-box-comparison-bosstv-v3x-vs-nvidia-shield-tv-pro-vs-unblock-ubox-gen-9-pro-max


While BOSStv V3X, NVIDIA Shield TV Pro, and Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max also have their own advantage, which TV boxes should we choose?
博視盒子第三代 V3X、輝達 SHIELD主機及安博盒子 第九代都有他們各自的優勝處,我們應該怎麽選擇呢?

Price 價錢 

Considering the price, you may choose BOSStv V3X or NVIDIA Shield TV Pro, rather than Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max. The price of BOSStv V3X or NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is US$218.00 (HK$1,695.15) while that of UBox is US$228.00 (HK$1,772.90). The difference is not that much, but people who care most about price might buy BOSStv V3X or NVIDIA Shield TV Pro.

考慮價錢的話,博視盒子第三代 V3X及輝達 SHIELD主機就比安博盒子第九代略勝一籌。博視盒子第三代 V3X及輝達 SHIELD主機的價錢都是美元$218.00 (港元$1,695.15),而安博盒子第九代的價錢為美元$228.00 (港元$1,772.90)。相差的價錢並不多,但單純考慮價錢的朋友就更適合購買博視盒子第三代 V3X及輝達 SHIELD主機。


Android System 安卓作業系統 

Considering the Android operating system, you may prefer Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max. The operating system of Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max is the latest Android 10.0 system, while that of the BOSStv V3X and NVIDIA Shield TV Pro are Android 7.0 and Android 9.0 respectively. If you want to buy a TV box with the latest operating system, you should consider buying Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max。

考慮電視盒子的安卓作業系統,你可能會更喜歡安博盒子第九代。安博盒子第九代的作業系統為最新安卓10.0系統,而博視盒子第三代 V3X及輝達 SHIELD主機分別是安卓7.0及安卓9.0系統。重視作業系統的朋友就要考慮安博盒子第九代了。

Download As Many As You Want 下載容量 

Considering the storage space for downloading app, Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max is the perfect TV box for you. Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max has 4G DDR3 RAM and 64GB EMMC flash storage space. You can download as many third-party applications as you want. In contrast, the BOSStv V3X has 4G DDR3 RAM memory and 32G eMMc 5.0 flash memory storage space, while NVIDIA Shield TV Pro has 3G RAM memory and 16GB flash memory storage space.

考慮下載容量,安博盒子第九代就絕對是你的首選了。安博盒子第九代擁有4G DDR3 RAM 記憶體及64GB EMMC閃存儲存空間,想下載多少第三方影視應用程式都可以。相比之下,博視盒子第三代 V3X有4G DDR3 RAM 記憶體及32G eMMc 5.0閃存儲存空間,而輝達 SHIELD主機有3G RAM 記憶體及16GB 閃存儲存空間。

Channel Parental Lock 頻道童鎖 

Worry about accidentally letting your children watch inappropriate content on TV? If you have this concern, you must choose BOSStv V3X as your TV box! BOSStv V3X gives you no worries, it supports parental lock, you can change the lock password regularly.

擔心小朋友獨自使用電視盒子看電視時,會看到兒童不宜内容?有這個擔憂,你就一定要選擇博視盒子第三代 V3X了!博視盒子支援定期更換頻道童鎖密碼,讓你加倍安心。


Game Players’ First Choice 電動玩家的首選 


Are you a gameplay lover? If yes, NVIDIA Shield TV Pro would be the best TV box choice for you. NVIDIA Shield TV Pro lets you bring your games to the big screen. You can find all your favorites on Google Play Games and GeForce NOW™ from family favorites to intense multiplayer--NVIDIA’s cloud-based game streaming service. You can connect a game controller for access to AAA games like Fortnite.

玩游戲當然要在大螢幕上玩才夠爽!作爲電動愛好者,輝達 SHIELD主機是你的首選!輝達 SHIELD主機既能看影視節目,也能玩游戲。與朋友一起打電動,不能缺少輝達 SHIELD主機!從家庭最愛到激烈的多人遊戲,您可以在 Google Play 遊戲和 GeForce NOW™(NVIDIA 的基於雲的遊戲流服務)上找到您的所有最愛。 連接遊戲控制器以訪問 Fortnite 等 AAA 遊戲。



Don't hesitate, buy it right now!


BOSStv V3X 博視盒子第三代 V3X


NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 輝達 SHIELD主機





Unblock UBox 9 Pro Max 安博盒子第九代




**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**



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