SVICLOUD | Smooth Experience With no Buffering 小雲電視盒子使用流暢不卡頓


SVICLOUD |  Smooth Experience With no Buffering 小雲電視盒子使用流暢不卡頓

What's the most thing we all don't want to face while watching videos and TV series? I believe our answer would also be "video buffering". It is really annoying! SVICLOUD helps solve our worries and concerns. 



With 2.4G+5.8G dual frequency 2T2R, SVICLOUD includes features like double bandwidth, strong coverage, and stable without dropping. SVICLOUD offers you a smooth TV watching experience! 

小雲電視盒子採用2.4G及5.8G 雙頻2T2R Wi-Fi。小雲電視盒子令觀看頻率翻倍、穩定不掉線、擁有超强覆蓋,令你擁有流暢無阻的使用體驗。




The SVICloud 8P TV Box adopts a newly upgraded dual-band Wi-Fi module, which is equipped with super anti-interference ability, making the wireless link more stable. The SVICloud 8P TV Box is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.8 technology, which has lower power consumption, supports ultra-long-distance connection, and is compatible with various types of Bluetooth devices, bringing more entertainment experience to the SVICloud 8P TV Box.



No more buffering while watching TV shows! 



**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**