The First Television In the World? 世界上的第一部電視機?


The First Television In the World? 世界上的第一部電視機? 

With globalization, watching TV series and movies from all over the world has became something necessary and easy in our daily life. Nowadays, many of us watch TV shows from different countries by using apps like Netflix, Disney+. How often do you watch shows on television? Do you know what is a TV Box? Keep reading>>>

隨著全球化,觀看來自世界各地的電視劇和電影這個習慣已成為我們日常生活中必不可少的事情。 如今,許多人會使用 Netflix、Disney+ 等應用程序觀看來自不同國家/地區的電視節目。 您多久看一次電視節目? 你知道什麼是電視盒子嗎? 繼續閱讀>>>


When was the first TV? 第一台電視始源於什麼時候?

when was the first TV on earth? Who is the inventor The answer is controversial and it depends on how you define television. Some people credit Baird John Logie as the father of television because he sent the first live transmission in 1925 and a year later named his creation as televisor. On the other hand, some people disagree and said Philo Farnsworth is the father of television as he demosntrated the first electronic television (Image Dissector) in 1927. There are also other sayings about the real inventor of TV, but all of the TV created by different inventors are different. 

地球上第一台電視機是什麼時候出現的? 誰是電視發明者? 這個問題的答案存有爭議,並取決於你如何定義電視機。 有些人說 Baird John Logie 是發明電視的人,因為他在 1925 年發明了第一個電視直接傳輸,並在一年後將他的發明命名為televisor。 另一方面,也有人不以為然,說Philo Farnsworth是真正的電視之父,因為他在1927年展示了第一台電子電視。關於電視的真正發明者也有其他說法,但不同發明家創造的電視都是很不同的。


The Evolution of Watching TV...看電視的發展... 

Now, TVs have been improved. From black and white TV in back then , to color TV, there is also the existence of smart TV. We can watch pre-recorded programs, and also watch various live broadcasts, such as the live broadcast of Argentina vs. France in the previous football World Cup. With the invention of smart TV, we can also play videos on the tv screen, like chromecast, and watch mobile phone content on TV, or watch YouTube videos on TV, which is very convenient. With the generalization of mobile phones, computers and tablets, some people would prefer to use these electronic devices and download video applications, such as: Netflix, HBO and Viu TV to watch different video programs. However, some people think that watching TV shows on TV is more enjoyable, and it costs to subscribe to apps such as movies and TV as they require a monthly fee.

現在,電視機已經改良。從黑白色電視改良至彩色電視機,還有智能TV的存在。我們可以觀看預先錄製好的節目,也可以看各種直播,例如先前足球世界杯阿根廷對戰法國的直播。有智能TV的存在,我們還可以熒幕投放,在電視上觀看手機内容,或是在電視上觀看YouTube影片,非常方便。隨著手機、電腦及平板電腦的出現,有些人會喜歡使用這些電子設備,並下載影視應用程式,例如:Netflix、HBO及Viu TV 來觀看不同影視節目。不過,有些人認爲電視節目還是在電視上看比較愉快,而且,訂閲影視這些應用程式均需要每個月付費,不是很划算。


TV Box? SVICLOUD 電視盒子?小雲電視盒子

Do you know what is a TV box? Have you ever heard of SVICLOUD? What's special about TV box? Usually, TV box doesn't require monthly fee or upfront fees. Pay once and you can use all the functions in the TV box permanently. Different TV box, even with the same brand might have different functions and prices. For example, SVICLOUD 8P has 4GB + 64GB Large Storage, 2.4G & 5.8G Dual Frequency Wi-Fi, 8K HDR without buffering, and supports Karaoke service, Dolby and AI voice remote control. For SVICLOUD 3 PRO, it has has the same dual frequency Wi-Fi while having 4GB + 32GB Large Storage. It also support Karaoke service and Dolby. For SVICLOUD 8S, it cost you less and 2GB + 16GB Storage while providing you the same 8K HDR without buffering experience. What are you hesitating for? Come and buy your SVICLOUD TV box! 

你知道什麼是電視盒子嗎? 你聽說過 SVICLOUD 嗎? 你又知不知道電視盒子有什麼特別之處呢? 一般正常情況,所有電視盒都不需要月費或預付費用。 只需一次付費,你就可以永久使用電視盒子的所有功能。 不同的電視盒,即使是同一品牌,功能和價格也可能不同。 比如SVICLOUD 8P擁有4GB+64GB大存儲,2.4G&5.8G雙頻Wi-Fi,8K HDR無緩衝,支持卡拉OK、杜比和AI語音遙控。 SVICLOUD 3 PRO同樣擁有4GB+32GB大容量雙頻Wi-Fi。 它還支持卡拉OK服務和杜比。 對於 SVICLOUD 8S,它為您提供更少的 2GB + 16GB 存儲空間,同時為您提供相同的 8K HDR 不卡頓體驗。 你在猶豫什麼? 快來購買您的 SVICLOUD 電視盒子吧!


**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**