博視盒子 BOSStv TV Box 頻道內容 CHANNEL LIST

How to watch different channels on BOSStv? 如何在 BOSStv 博視盒子上觀看不同的頻道?


BOSStv TV Channel 博視盒子——世界各地的電視頻道

Many people want to watch movies from all over the world. However, the choice of free TV stations in Hong Kong is not enough? Why not try this BossTV box! Using applications, you can watch TV channels from all around the world at the same time, including a series of news, variety shows, TV, variety shows, movie channels from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, United States, France, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and India. There are many channels! Let’s take a look. 

許多人希望觀看世界各地的影片節目。 但是,香港的免費電視台的選擇還不夠? 為什麼不試試這個博視盒子! 安裝應用程式後,可以同時收看世界各地的電視頻道,包括來自香港、澳門、台灣、中國、泰國、日本、韓國、美國、法國、西班牙、新加坡、馬來西亞、加拿大及印度的一系列新聞、綜藝、電視、體育、電影頻道等。 有很多選擇!


Boss TV V4 博士盒子V4 2022最新版 - 頻道列表 Channel List


**Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**

Live broadcast Live直播

Other than TV shows, you could also watch Live shows from different countries. Now, let's take a look at the method of operation.



Procedure 步驟


1. Click "Personal Application" in the main menu.


BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


2. Make sure you have the "YYTV" application. Go to the "YYTV" interface.



3. Click "Live broadcast".


BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


The list of TV stations will pop up. The channels are very complete.



The operation method is simple. Just press the [up]/[down] button on the remote control to select the TV channel.



Press the [Left] and [Right] keys on the remote control to select channels of different regions or types. You can find Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia all provide multiple channel options in YYTV. News, documentaries, TV, sports, movies, children's cartoons, popular science channels, etc. are all covered. Adults and children can find the TV channels they want to watch.

按遙控器的[左]、[右]]鍵,就可以揀選不同地區或類型的頻道。應用程式YYTV有 香港、澳門、台灣、中國、泰國、日本、韓國、美國,新馬均有提供多個頻道選擇。而新聞、紀錄片、電視、體育、電影、兒童卡通、科普頻道等都涵蓋在內。大人小孩都能找到自己想看的電視頻道觀看。


Want to personalize your own frequently used list? Press the [≡] menu button on the remote control to add the channel to favorites, and press the [≡] menu button again to automatically remove the channel from the favorite list.

想個人化製作自己的常用清單?按遙控器的 [≡] 菜單鍵,即可把頻道加入收藏,再按一次 [≡] 菜單鍵就會自動從收藏清單移除頻道。


When watching a channel, you don’t have to go back to the menu if you want to re-select the channel. Just press the [OK] button on the remote control and the list of TV stations will pop up for you to re-select channels.

在觀看頻道時,想重新選台也不用特意回到選單,只要按遙控器的[OK] 鍵,電視台列表就會彈出,方便你重新選頻。

BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


VOD Function VOD點播


One of the major selling points of BossTV V3 Pro and V3X is the necessary VOD function of the TV box, that is, video on demand, which is a place to watch episodes or movies. Drama fans, theater fans, and TV fans can find countless videos here and watch their favorite movies around the clock! Now I will introduce you to the basic operation of BossTV Pro and V3X VOD function, and see what program options are available!

博視盒子BossTV V4、BossTV V3 Pro和V3X的一大賣點就是電視盒必備的VOD點播功能,也就是視頻點播,是我們看劇集或者電影的地方。 戲迷、劇迷和電視迷都能在這裡找到無數的影片,一整天觀看他們最喜歡的視頻! 下面給大家介紹博視盒子的點播功能,看看有哪些節目供你選擇!


Procedure 步驟


1. Click "Personal Application" in the main menu.

1. 在主目錄點選”自選應用”。

BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


2. Go to the "YYTV" interface.

2. 到了”御用影視”介面。


3. Click "VOD Function".

3. 點選”VOD點播”。

BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


The menu on the left has a variety of categories and is very clear. You can choose the type you want to watch according to your preferences, and the list on the right shows the series or movies of that type. After you select the program you want to watch from the menu, you will see a synopsis and score of the program for your reference.



"Hot Broadcast" shows recent hot shows, including various popular dramas and movies. If there is no show you want to watch, press "Hot Broadcast" to help you.



Having application "YYTV", a large number of film and television types for you to choose from! It includes movies and dramas from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the United States, and other places, and the program is updated quickly, and a large number of newly launched dramas and movies have been uploaded.

擁有應用程式YYTV , 大量的影視種類供你選擇!包括港、台、中、泰、日、韓、美等地的電影和劇集,而且節目更新速度快,上載了大量新上線的劇集和電影。


In addition to the new online film and television works, you can also find many nostalgic dramas and movies, so that everyone can relive the classics at home.



The channel content of BOSStv also covers many programs suitable for children, which can be said to be suitable for all ages!



Having application "YYTV", You can not only watch dramas and movies, but can also relive concerts in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and other parts of the world. If you have missed concerts, you can also look for them here to see concerts by different singers.

擁有應用程式YYTV , 你不但可以收看劇集電影,你還能重溫香港、內地、台灣、日本等世界各地的演唱會。如果你有錯過了的的演唱會,也可以在這裡找找看,看看不同歌手的演唱會。


Don't want to sit at home, BOSStv allows you to move around at home. You can use the BOSStv to play slimming and fitness videos, and follow the video instructions to exercise together!


BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page



Search function 搜索功能


Want to narrow down your choices? There are two ways.



1.Language 語言 

Select the middle button "Language Classification" in the upper left corner of the screen, and then select the language you want to watch, and the BOSStv will filter programs in other languages.


BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


2.Keyword 關鍵字

Select the rightmost button "magnifying glass" in the upper left corner of the screen, and then you can enter the keywords of the video to search.


BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


Clear watch history 清除觀看紀錄


You can select the leftmost button "trash can" in the upper left corner of the screen. After selecting, you can clear all playback records to protect privacy.


BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


Replay the TV show 重溫電視節目


Nowadays, the Internet is so innovative, it is very easy to watch back the TV shows that you missed - just wait for the official upload of the video. But as a professional TV fan, sometimes you can’t wait to know the plot, and you don’t even have the patience to wait. 

在互聯網如此發達的今天,很容易就可以觀看自己錯過的電視劇,最簡單的方法就是等官方視頻正式上傳。 但作為一個電視迷,有時候會連等待的耐心都沒有,迫不及待就想知道劇情。


After downloading application "YYTV", You can use TV Replay function, and replay the TV immediately by clicking it, no need to wait until late at night! If you want to know how to use the TV REPLAY function, just read the following content.

擁有應用程式YYTV ,使用電視重播功能,點擊即可立即重播電視,無需再等到深夜! 如果您想了解如何使用 TV REPLAY 功能,請閱讀以下內容。


Procedure 步驟


1. Click "Personal Application" in the main menu.

1. 在主目錄點選”自選應用”。

BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


2. Go to the "YYTV" interface.



3. Click "TV REPLAY".

3.點選”TV REPLAY”。

BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


TV programs from a few days ago are replayed here, includes TV programs from all over the world. There are three big boxes on the interface. On the left is the available TV stations, in the middle is the broadcast date of the TV program, and on the right is the broadcast time and name of the program. 



Select the TV station you want to watch, right-click to select the broadcast date, and then right-click to select the broadcast time and name of the favorite TV program, you can review it at any time.



If you want to switch to a program, just press the [≡] key of the remote to pop up the program list again, you don’t need to exit and switch to another channel.

如果想轉台轉節目,只要按遙控上的 [≡]鍵即會重新彈出節目列表,不用退出再轉台。


In addition to general TV stations, you can also replay the match in the BossTV Box. Since it is pre-recorded, press [Left]/[Right] key to skip to a specific time.


BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page 


Karaoke 卡拉OK唱歌

Setting up karaoke facilities at home is expensive. With BossTV, you have no worries about that. Let’s sing karaoke with your friends and family!  You can download different applications including ChangBa.

在家中設置一套娛樂KTV設備往往所費不菲。博視盒子 BossTV 可以完美解決你唱歌的需求,你可在家庭、朋友聚會時高歌一曲!博視盒子 BossTV容許你可以下載不同的唱歌應用程式,例如唱吧。

It’s the same as how you download the other applications. You first click the “app market” in the main menu.



Then click “VIP market” or google play store to download the applications you want. You can sing different kinds of songs! There are song recommendations for you! Sing with live concert version! You can sing with famous celebrities in the app ChangBa. There's also children section.

你可以通過“御用市場”或“Play商店”下載應用程式。你即可點唱不同類型的歌曲!裏面有推薦歌單,讓你輕鬆選擇歌曲。跟著演唱會唱也可以! 你可以在唱吧裏與明星合唱。這裏還有特設兒童專區。

BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page
BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page
BOSStv-tv box-v4-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-chnnel-live-main-page


 **Note: You can install a third-party application to watch, the box does not have an application built in**