Hong Kong $10,000 Electronic Consumption Voucher Scheme $10,000 電子消費券計劃 | FAQ 常見問題

iMartCity ubox 香港政府 10000 電子 消費券 $10000 consumption vouchers alipayhk 支付寶香港 wechatpayhk 香港微信支付 octopuspay o!epay 八達通 tap&go 拍住賞mastercard applepay samsung pay union pay $5000 消費券 電子消費券 電視盒子 香港電視台

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▶Does iMartCity accepts Consumption Vouchers to checkout?iMartCity 接受以消費券付款嗎?




▶Which electronic payment systems does iMartCity support?iMartCity接受哪些消費券指定電子支付工具?

Online Shop Support:Alipay HK、Tap & Go (via Mastercard) and O! ePay

網店接受:Alipay HK 支付寶香港、Tap & Go 拍住賞、八達通



Consumption Voucher 2022 香港電子消費卷 2022 $10000

Applying Hong Kong Government $10,000 Consumption Voucher Scheme FAQ

申請 政府 $10,000 消費券計劃 | 常見問題

▶What is a $10,000 consumption voucher?丨甚麽是$10,000消費券?

The 2022-23 Budget announced the implementation of a new round of CVS under which consumption vouchers with a total value of HK$10,000 will be disbursed to each eligible person. In Phase I, HK$5,000 consumption voucher will first be disbursed on 7 April to eligible people using the registration information of the 2021 CVS. Eligible people will receive the remaining value disbursed by instalments in Phase II.

為了促進消費及刺激本地經濟,政府2022至23年度財政預算案中,推出 $10,000 電子消費券計劃,向每位合資格的市民,派發總額共 $10,000 的電子消費券,可以在本地實體或網上商戶使用。


▶How to apply?$10,000消費券申請方法

In general, people who have successfully registered under the 2021 CVS will receive the vouchers directly through their registered stored value facility ("SVF") accounts on 7 April 2022. The relevant people will receive SMS notifications or mobile app push notifications on the disbursement day. There is no need to re-register.

一般來說,已成功登記2021年消費券計劃的市民,會在2022年4月7日透過其已登記的儲值支付工具帳戶直接獲發 $5000 消費券,有關市民亦會在消費券發放當日收到手機短訊或應用程式推送通知。市民毋須再次登記


▶$10,000 Consumption Voucher Disbursement Date and Valid Date$10,000消費券發放日期

Consumption Voucher Disbursement Date and Valid Date
First voucher
Second voucher
($1,000) (provided that the cumulative total "eligible spending" has met the requirement)
7 April 2022 16 June 2022 (provided that the cumulative total 'eligible spending' has reached $4,000 between 7 April and 31 May 2022); or

16 July 2022 (provided that the cumulative total 'eligible spending' has reached $4,000 between 7 April and 30 June 2022); or

16 August 2022 (provided that the cumulative total 'eligible spending' has reached $4,000 between 7 April and 31 July 2022); or

16 September 2022 (provided that the cumulative total 'eligible spending' has reached $4,000 between 7 April and 31 August 2022); or

16 October 2022 (provided that the cumulative total 'eligible spending' has reached $4,000 between 7 April and 30 September 2022); or

16 November 2022 (provided that the cumulative total 'eligible spending' has reached $4,000 between 7 April and 31 October 2022).

Since Octopus card is subject to a stored value limit (currently $3,000 in general), depending on the amount of stored value in the Octopus card, people can tap their card several times to collect the disbursed voucher through the designated channels by the collection deadline (31 December 2022).

The disbursement, collection (only applicable to Octopus card) and usage as well as the coverage of the vouchers are the same as the arrangements under the 2021 CVS. People can visit the relevant webpage  for the necessary information.


The relevant people can collect the first consumption voucher of $4,000 after the disbursement on 7 April by tapping their Octopus cards registered under the 2021 CVS. If the cumulative total "eligible spending" has reached $4,000 by the specified date, people can collect the second consumption voucher of $1,000 by tapping their Octopus cards on the 16th of the following month after they have reached the target. People can start collecting the second $1,000 voucher as early as 16 June and as late as 16 November. Details are as follows:

For more information, please refers to www.consumptionvoucher.gov.hk

在2021年消費券計劃下以支付寶香港、Tap & Go「拍住賞」或WeChat Pay HK帳戶收取消費券的市民




2022年4月7日 2022年6月16日(於2022年4月7日至5月31日「合資格消費」累積總額不少於4,000元);










▶$5000 Consumption Voucher Supporting Electronic Payment Systems$5000消費券發放渠道

  • WeChat Pay HK 香港微信支付
  • Alipay HK 支付寶香港
  • Tap & Go (MasterCard/ Union 拍住賞
  • Octopus 八達通

(User’s deposit and voucher amount in octopus account and e-wallet will be counted separately)

*Each e-wallet and octopus account can be registered once only.




▶Collection of $10,000 Consumption Voucher$10,000消費券領取方法

WeChat Pay HK, Alipay HK and Tap & Go:

Consumption vouchers will, upon verification of the registrants' eligibility, be disbursed to their specified stored value facility accounts according to a specific timetable.


Upon verification of their eligibility, an SMS notification will be sent to them after each disbursement of consumption vouchers. They may tap the registered cards to collect the vouchers at:

  • Subsidy Collection Points under the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme at MTR stations, Light Rail Customer Service Centres, designated piers and public transport interchanges
  • All outlets of 7-Eleven, Circle K and Wellcome supermarket
  • Octopus Service Points
  • Octopus App (by tapping cards on mobile phones*)

* Those who have transferred their physical Octopus cards to Octopus card on Mobile (including Octopus on iPhone or Apple Watch, Huawei Pay Octopus or Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay) need not tap their cards.

**Each instalment of consumption vouchers is valid for collection within three months.

WeChat Pay HK 香港微信支付,Alipay HK 支付寶香港 及 Tap & Go 拍住賞:經手機應用程式直接存入帳戶



▶ Usage of HK$10,000 Consumption Voucher丨$10,000元消費券適用之範圍及限制

Coverage of consumption vouchers:

In general, consumption vouchers can be used at local retail, catering and service outlets or their online platforms which accept payments by Alipay HK, Octopus, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK. Examples include retail shops, market stalls, department stores, supermarkets, convenient stores, restaurants, fast food shops, coffee shops, recreational facilities, beauty salons, public transport, etc.

Excluding the following transaction items:

Payments to the Government, payments to public utilities, payments to public organisations, education expenses, purchase of financial products or services, donation, direct purchases from merchants located outside Hong Kong, person to person payments and encashment. 




▶Can the first and second batch of vouchers be used together?第一期及第二期消費券可以合拼使用嗎?

For AlipayHK, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK user:


For Octopus user:

No, due to the limited stored value of Octopus account. 

使用AlipayHK支付寶、Tap & Go拍住賞領取消費券可以將 $5000 消費券合併使用,八達通由於有儲值上限限制,所以不能合併使用不同期數的消費券。

▶Can one register for the Scheme and receive consumption vouchers using another person’s stored value facility account?可以使用其他人的儲值支付工具領取消費券嗎?

Yes. Eligible persons can choose one of the four stored value facilities account designated under the Scheme (including account owned by their family members and friends) to receive and use the consumption vouchers. However, no amendment could be made once the concerned stored value facility account is registered.